I am a sound designer / re-recording mixer based in New York City.  I provide clients in the film and television industry with the following services:

  • Dialog editing and re-recording mixing
  • Sound design
  • ADR and VO recording
  • Audio/Video Technical Consulting

Making unusable audio usable
I offer a wide range of quality sound design services that will always pass quality control (QC) and sound great on air or in the theater. I partner with my clients every step of the way, providing easy-access consultations throughout the production chain.

On time and on budget
Worried you won’t be able to use that perfect footage you shot because of audio problems? I will make it sound clean and clear. Network deadlines looming? I can make sure your audio mix is completed on time and on budget.

Creative and experienced
I have experience fixing every audio technical problem under the sun, so I can ensure that your audio turns out professional and perfectly balanced every time. It’s my goal to provide a seamless audio connection from the content creator directly to the audience.

I have over 13 years experience providing high quality sound services for a variety of clients, including:

  • The History Channel (Pawn Stars, American Restoration, Cajun Pawn Stars)
  • The Discovery Channel (Oddities, CarFellas)
  • The Learning Channel (What the Sell, Happily Ever Faster, Seeing Vs Believing)
  • MTV (Moving In, various promos)
  • HBO (Sex and the City, Sopranos, various promos)
  • McCann Erickson (Verizon, others)
  • Crispin Porter (Nike)
  • Many independent projects, such as the short film Time Freak which was recently nominated for an Academy Award!

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