I use creative sound design to help filmmakers tell their story and connect with their audience

With over 18 years of experience, I know what it takes to make your project sound its best


Recording, Editing, and MixinG for tv, film, radio, and vr

I record, edit, and mix TV shows, films, commercials and VR content.  To date, I have worked on hundreds of projects, from prime time Super Bowl ads to record-breaking TV shows to award winning short films.  I am an expert at minimizing unwanted noise in your production recordings and giving you a crisp, clear mix where every word is understandable.


Sound Design

I work closely with my clients to give them original, dynamic, and emotionally evocative soundtracks that respect their artistic vision.  Every project is different and I pride myself on creating custom sound effects, foley, and sound design.  With my talent and array of cutting edge audio tools, I can make your project sound its best.

Good Sound takes your project to the next level and I have the know how to get you there

Contact me if you have a project that needs my services as a sound editor, mixer, or sound designer.

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